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Know A's Enemy

I regularly check in with the other three AL West blogs in the SportsBlogs Nation and I figured that some of you might not, especially if you're new to AN. I like to see what bloggers who are as passionate about their team as I am about mine are saying.

So today I start a little feature I'm going to run occasionally called Know A's Enemy.

First, over at Lone Star Ball, Adam Morris doesn't think that the A's are any better than the Rangers and uses the Pythagorean winning percentage to prove his point. He thinks losing their best hitter and best pitcher (ah, I would argue that Haren was the better pitcher) means that the Rangers are on par.

Second, down in Halos Heaven, Rev Halofan upgraded Stoneman and company a D+ for the offseason. But the fact remains that the Angels didn't need to do that much in order to be better in 2007. They've got plenty of young talent to take over and their rotation is arguably the best in baseball, especially with Shrek coming back.

And finally, Deanna has rewritten the lyrics to Wild, Wild West to reflect her feelings on the Seattle Mariners and their prospects in 2007. It's classic and indicates the overall mood of M's fans after this offseason in which many feel Bavasi made several key missteps. The Seattle PI disagrees.

So there you have a few snippets from the three teams that will be trying to prevent the A's from repeating as AL West champs in 2007. Just remember, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.