FanFest Reports

Please add your own.  I wasn't taking notes -- what kind of journalist am I? -- so all facts may be incorrect.  

  1.  Roy Steele,  The Voice Of God Fanfest Edition! He sounded much better than his late-season appearances last year, though perhaps not quite all his old resonance and richness is back yet.
  2.  Q & A was held outside, with fans in the seats behind home plate, panelists on a stage on the field.  I suggested to gigglingone, who I was hanging with today, that this would prevent a repeat of last year's most annoying "question" from kids and teenage girls,
"Can I get an autograph/picture/hug?"  Alas, it did not.
  1. Swisher alleges that he has not cut his hair since the end of the season.  Looks like he hasn't washed it, either.   He referred to this as the Samurai Swisher look.
  2. Swisher and then Blanton, in response to a tacky question about boxers or briefs, said "commando".  (Crosby and Ellis = boxers.)
  3. The calendar poster for this year is Swisher and his dog, or perhaps a model dog.  I have one to give away to a deserving NRAF.
  4.  Some guy went off on Crosby, but the sound system wasn't working particularly well so I couldn't tell exactly what he said.  Bobby got a bit defensive and Swish buried his head in his hands.
  5.  Mike Piazza was very nice and showed the poise you'd expect from someone who was used to dealing with the NY press and fans.
  6.  The field looks absolutely horrible.  But we were allowed out on it, and the rain held off until about 2:55, and even then it wasn't bad.
  7.  As we walked by the place where Bobby Crosby was shortly to appear in the Coaches' Corner, gigglingone pointed out that there were two paramedics standing by.  
  8.  In response to a question about pitching to Zito, Dan Haren said he was not concerned about that because "he swings like a girl and runs like a woman".
  9.  Milton Bradley was sweet and gracious and thanked everyone for their support last year.  Melhuse said something complimentary about him and Milton got up and gave him a hug.  
  10.  Bobby Kielty has reverted to the Ronnie Mac look.
  11.  Billy Beane says there will definitely be mass transit to Cisco Field but avoided most questions about it.
That's all I can remember for now.  It was terrific to be back in the park and to see all the fans, although we saw surprisingly few ANers.