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<Your Requested Topic Here>

How do I know it's a slow month? Any month in which Adam Melhuse and Jason Kendall have the same number of at-bats is a slow month. So I looked at my handy-dandy list of "topic ideas" and was trying to choose from among the top 4:

  • Is The ROOGY Undervalued?

  • Fred "Chicken" Stanley: Was He Underappreciated, Or Just A Guy With A Fowl Nickname?

  • Pitching Fast-Pitch Softball Style: Couldn't It Work For Someone?

  • What Would It Take For The Royals To Win The Central?
Really, you're welcome to discuss any of these but I have to think the community knows better than I do what it might find most interesting to discuss during the--I guess you call them the "Cat Days"?--of January.

So please, tell me what topics, issues, themes, or types of analyses you would most welcome and I'll use community feedback to guide me over the coming weeks. So far, the only feedback I have to go on suggests I should focus more on the hair gel vs. conditioner debate, but somehow I feel the Small Sample Size is skewing the results. Because I've only asked Cindi and jeepers, and Cindi said she wasn't really sure.