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Tuesday Thoughts

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Not much big happening in AN these days (I suppose after the Zito signing there was going to be a natural lull), but I have a bunch of random thoughts I want to share this Tuesday.

  • It absolutely makes sense to trade another pitcher right now for some younger prospects, especially if that pitcher happens to be Joe Blanton. I love Blanton's bulldog mentality, but he's basically a control pitcher without a plus pitch. Everything needs to be pinpoint for him to be effective and I tend to agree with Rob Neyer that he will likely never be more than league average. And league average is getting paid a ridiculous amount right now. If Blanton could bring a nice package from a borderline desperate New York Mets team given them losing out on the Zito sweepstakes (did any team have more at stake in getting Zito?), it very well could.
  • If you're wondering why Beane covets Milledge so much, you need only to look at his .560 slugging percentage on the road (Norfolk, his home park, is the worst hitters park in the International League). He hit .293 with 31/21 K/BB in 150 ABs. If Beane can steal a Pelfrey in the deal as well, this is an all-time no brainer.
  • I had a buddy who recently emailed me and did some math estimating that Zito will likely be paid about $5,000 per pitch this season by the San Francisco Giants. That would be about $20,000 for a four-pitch walk. And he would be getting about 1/100th of what Danny Haren made for the entire 2006 season for one pitch. Yikes.
  • Apparently Kenny Williams is the new Billy Beane. While I do agree that Williams is taking a very Beane circa 2004 offseason approach to "retooling" his White Sox, it remains to be seen how the deals work out for the South Siders. Oh and we're only two days into 2007 and we already have both our first Moneyball reference AND our first shot at Beane not yet having won a World Series. Ladies and Gents, the year has now officially started.
  • Marty Lurie is back with his Inside Baseball radio show to help cure you of some of the insufferable blowhards that patrol KNBR during the winter months (Mychael Urban the obvious exception to that rule). He will be on tomorrow evening starting a 5:30 p.m. on 1550 am. He's going to have Ken Korach and Glenn Dickey on as well as yours truly. I'm going to be on around 6 p.m., so if you want to call in and chat, that would be cool. Also, you can email Marty either before or during the show at luriem - at - earthlink -dot- net. He welcomes the participation.
  • Finally, I'm heading on a vacation around the middle of the month and I'm going to leave you in the hands of baseballgirl, Nico and Louis. I can't say enough how much their presence has enhanced AN and I appreciate them so much. When I come back towards the end of the month, I should have a special New Year's treat for AN. So be sure you're checking in with the site throughout January and February because while spring training is still a ways away, it's always A's season on AN, and not just when a free agent signs or defects (ahem other media).