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A Little Hoarse?

First things first: I got back from Florida and Philadelphia last week, all excited. I looked everywhere--the backyard, the side of the house, even all the biggest rooms within the house. What? Where could it be? Gotta be here somewhere--Blez wouldn't let me down--but where? Wait, is it possible? Two years in a row?

NO PONY!!!!!! What the f-??? :-( &%$#@!!!

How could any self-respecting Blez disappoint me two years in a row? I was beside myself (had a very nice conversation, by the way), went through all the classic stages (anger, denial, beer, vodka, rum, whiskey, acceptance of beer), and then I thought, "You know what? Fine." Just FYI, when I think, "You know what? Fine," it's usually not going to end well for anybody...

So Blez is off to Mexico, where I have instructed him to make sure he drinks plenty of their exceptional tap water. And I have given him the phone number of a dear friend of mine, a lovely prostitute named Chlamydia. Oh, and his passport might kind of have his name listed as Tyler-Qaeda Blowsthingsupski.

No pony. :-( Oh well, maybe next year...

In other news, here's the closest thing you're going to get to an annual report on the once infamous, but now merely famous, CGV system (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the Community Guidelines link to the right). The short version of the report is: "Hey, the community is behaving better (or people are complaining about it less)."

The CGV system was in place for only the last 4.5 months of 2005. In those 4.5 months, 24 complaints were lodged. With 100% of the precincts reporting, throughout all of 2006 only 37 complaints were lodged, leading to 25 "strikes" (including trolls who were immediately banned).

But perhaps most impressive (or indicative of the fact that people complain less when they're not reading) is that there has been only one complaint lodged since last October 26th, and that was against a clear troll who had never posted before.. So we are arguably still in the longest CGV-drought in AN's storied history, now 78 days and counting.

Of course, Alan Embree hasn't yet been allowed, inexplicably, to give up a game-winning two-run double to a righty, so...let's enjoy the drought while we can. Speaking of which, here's today's question (and you may want to take notes, Mr. Geren): What infuriating player, coach, or manager action most tempts or incites you to post something you wouldn't want to read aloud in polite company?