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Michael Lewis: The AN Audio Interview and August Contest Winner

Michael Lewis, the man whose book thrust Billy Beane in the eye of a hurricane, has stopped by to talk with AN several times in the past. He's discussed his ongoing project involving the A's draft class of 2002 currently titled, "Underdogs."

Lewis and I sat down for lunch yesterday and discussed everything from his progress on the new book to why the A's may well be in trouble long-term no matter how smart Billy is. I figured this would be a nice treat for an off day.

The interview is broken up into two mp3s, the first being six minutes or so, the second around an hour (we were interrupted by the server asking us if we wanted anything else).

I truly enjoyed this interview because Lewis is so insightful into everything A's. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

Click here for part one of my Michael Lewis interview.

Click here for part two of my Michael Lewis interview.

If anyone wants to volunteer to transcribe this, I would be willing to run the text at a later date as well, but I think a lot of folks enjoy the audio.

To me, the most telling and ominous quote in the whole interview is that the "game is almost over" for the A's. You'll have to listen to see what Lewis means by it.

Oh and drum roll, please...the winner of the A's DVD is...Sporty Spice for ESPN on Notice!

Here are how the final three broke down:

In third place, with 16 votes - Nico In response to Nick, " is showing the KC crowd between innings and they just showed a dude in an A's cap with a "Bring Back Dan Johnson" sign. Is that an ANer?"

Sadly, it was Dan Johnson

In second place, with 18 votes - monkeyball

In response to Sharon's, "Seriously, where did Mulder's fastball go?"

Over the fence, repeatedly?


With 23 votes...SportySpice

ESPN -- You're on Notice!

So, SportySpice, you're on notice! Meaning email me your mailing address and I'll get the spanking new DVD out to you immediately. Congratulations!