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All By Myself

Frank Thomas doesn't want to be...all by himself. Yet he seemingly is just so of late.

Kirk Saarloos came back down to earth a bit tonight after being fabulous in August. The A's will lose their first series in 11 tries, but it's also not a very good time for it to come. It took the A's six innings to really get to Adam Eaton which is about four innings too many. Eaton is the type of pitcher that the A's should've jumped all over, but they failed over and over. As a matter of fact, the A's were two-hit over the first five innings.

So the A's now turn the page tomorrow to try and win a game against A's destroyer Vicente Padilla. Blanton will have to be excellent to match Padilla because the A's offense seems to be cooling a bit and the starting pitching has also been average these past few games. The A's won't go anywhere if the starting pitching remains average and that's just a fact of life.

By the way, did anyone else notice Mark DeRosa putting his fingers up to his throat and say to Gary Matthews Jr. that, "We still have a pulse"? I think that's an indication as to just how important these games are to the Rangers. I just wish that the A's were acting that way as well.