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Whispers of MVP?

It's been about four years since anyone mentioned anyone wearing green and gold with the letters MVP. But it's happened a couple of times of late, including an endorsement from Mychael Urban.

I love Frank Thomas. He's been everything the A's could've ever hoped for this year and much more. But I'm not convinced he's in MVP company just yet. He definitely is muscling that big 6 foot 5 inch frame into the mix though.

And even though I'd love to see another A's player get the MVP, there is no question in my mind that there are a few players ahead of the Big Hurt right now. That's the topic of my most recent column for FSN Bay Area. Now if the A's seal the deal and wind up in the playoffs with one of the best records in the AL by the end of September, and Thomas has a fantastic month, then by all means he should receive major consideration. Because this year, Thomas is to the A's offense what Vlad Guerrero is to the Angels offense. And that spells MVP. It's just not there yet.