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Timing Is Everything

Yeah, like I'm going to talk about tonight's game, sure. So anyway, there's an old joke routine that goes something like this:

"Ask me what's the secret to comedy."

"OK, what's the secret to com--


Yesterday, the Mets finally conceded that Pedro Martinez had a lot more in common with Francisco Liriano than he had with a healthy and dominant pitcher. Pedro is gone for the season, leaving the Mets with Glavine, El Duque, Traschel, and, well, someone worse than Traschel, need I say more?

Today word comes from the Yankees camp that Randy Johnson has a herniated disk, which, unlike lymphoma, doesn't really have "the good kind" as one of its possible diagnoses. Johnson's status for the post-season is listed as "uncertain," not unlike the A's preferred demarcation of "day-to-day".

With St. Louis limping to the finish line sans Mulder and Isringhausen, it seems like many teams are either gearing up for the playoffs--or in the Cardinals' case, still trying to secure a spot--more banged up than ever. How sweet is it for the A's to be gaining a Rich Harden instead of losing a Francisco Liriano, or a Pedro Martinez, or a Randy Johnson?

At a time when the entire National League, the Detroit Tigers, and key members of the Yankees and Twins rotations, seem to be highly vulnerable, perhaps the timing is such that going into the first round of the playoffs, the team with the least cause for your Lovable Muppets.