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Nine Is So Fine

Well, that is certainly a way for DJ to welcome himself back to the fold, isn't it? The bow was pretty much put on this game in the first inning after the nine runs because Loaiza carried his August dominance right on into September. You know he's pitching well when you get disappointed that he gave up one run.

And say hello to my little friend, Eric Chavez. Welcome back to the lineup with a nice bomb.

For all the flack that Mark Ellis took about he should be replaced and whatnot, Ellis has hit .303 over the past 30 days and has a .402 OBP. He's also hit five home runs over that time span which is tied for second on the team with Nick Swisher behind Mr. Hurt (when you're hitting that good, you've earned the title of Mr.).

But I've got to say I love it when our team wins and then we get to sit back and watch what happens with the competition. The A's won their 10th out of 11th series (tying the one against Kansas City) and tied the longest unbeaten series streak of the 2002 season.

I'm just happy that we had a non-one run game for once and could just cruise to victory.

Go Tigers!!!