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Open Thread: Game 136 - A's vs. Orioles

You know your team is playing well in September when you are only mildly annoyed that they lost, but really put out that they lost by one run, since that's your team's 'thing'--to win the one run games.

However, I keep reminding myself that I don't have the American League West Champion T-shirt yet, and that means that the A's need to win a few more games. Unlike 2002, they don't need to run off a string of 20 in a row. They just need to win series after series.

Here's another series to win.

Esteban Loaiza--the hottest pitcher in the month of August--takes the mound, trying to bring his mojo into the month of September, against a <gulp> rookie pitcher for B-more.

According to all notes and sources, Chavvy is 'unlikely' to play today. I like that decision. I want him as healthy as possible for...the rest of the season.

Starting Lineups:

Your 2006 Oakland Athletics:

1. Kendall
2. Ellis
3. Payton (CF)
4. Thomas
5. Chavez
6. Johnson (1B)
7. Swisher (LF)
8. Kielty (RF)
9. Scutaro

Their 2006 Baltimore Birds:

1. Roberts
2. Mora
3. Markakis
4. Tejada
5. Millar
6. Newhan
7. Tatis
8. Gomez
9. Ardoin