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Ho Hum

It's funny when losing a game suddenly isn't the end of the world. And losing a game to the hated Angels means absolutely no lost sleep.

The A's have rarely been in this position. But Zito pitched well in his final tuneup against a lineup that was largely the team that the A's will be facing for several years...with Kendrick, Napoli and Morales representing the foundation of our So Cal rivals.

The River Cats...ahem, A's generated little against Lackey tonight. So it's hard to gauge the offense or lack thereof (Lackey had 11 strikeouts).

The bad news out of tonight? The Tigers lost and the Twins won. So they are now tied for the division lead. While the good news is that they two are battling it out for the division title (and the chance to avoid the Yankees in the first round), I'm thinking the Twins have the edge in finishing first. And as I mentioned, I don't want to see Santana, Morneau and Cuddyer in the first round.