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Open Thread: Game 158 - A's at Seattle

Over the last few years, it's been very rare for the Oakland A's to play a game that didn't have any impact on the divisonal race. Following last night's clinching of the American League West with a 12-3 bombing of the Mariners, our champagne soaked green and gold heroes are all set to send out the scrubs in what should be a fun game to watch - if nothing else, but for seeing how a left side of the infield that includes Antonio Perez and D'Ángelo Jiménez compares to Chavy and Scoot.

And contrary to some game previews, Mr. Barry Zito has no intention of starting this game. In his place, we have Jason Windsor, with a record of 0-1 and an ERA of 5.19, taking on Gil Meche, who sports an 11-8 mark and an ERA of 4.48.

Tonight, all the veterans get the day off, including Blez, Nico and BBG!


Your 2006 AL West Division Champs:

  1. Bocachica (CF)
  2. Scutaro (2B)
  3. Kielty (RF)
  4. Swisher (LF)
  5. Johnson (1B)
  6. Melhuse (C)
  7. Jimenez (SS)
  8. Brown (DH) <-- Jeremy, not Jerry
  9. Perez (3B)
Their Seattle Mariners:
  1. Ichiro
  2. Beltre
  3. Johjima
  4. Ibañez
  5. Sexson
  6. Broussard
  7. Lopez
  8. Snelling
  9. Betancourt
Let's Go A's!!!