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Not Yet

Keep the Coors Cutter on ice in the A's clubhouse because alas, alackey, the A's did not clinch the AL West today. Unfortunately, Joe Blanton heard "shut-down inning" as "suddenly-suck inning" and that slight miscommunication was all the Angels needed to seize the day. So if the A's want to celebrate in front of the Angels and in front of the home fans, they have but one more chance, tomorrow.

It was special to be there for the one-day return of Roy Steele, who frankly sounded either tentative, nervous, weak, or maybe a bit of all three--but it was still just great to hear him. Here's hoping it was his "rehab start" in preparation for a healthy season in 2007.

Today the two team's best relievers were neither well-rested nor needed. Tomorrow, every one of them should be at least available. So hang onto your hats, and your beverage of choice, for 24 hours and get ready for some more "pull out all the stops baseball" tomorrow. Something tells me there will be more Sunday prayers uttered than usual!