yet another redundant diary about HH

So what was predestined in April will take place this weekend: The Athletics will win the division.  

That might seem like an odd comment coming from an Angel fan (partial to the East Bay after attending school there, by the way) but it's obvious Stoneman is being outworked by Beane when he's working with twice the budget and gets results like this.  

Any GM that entrusts a rookie catcher to take over from  a solid veteran has got to be seriously questioned.  Short of cloning Johnny Bench, it's a problem you can spot a mile a way.  It was essentially over then and there for me.  The early season results weren't exactly surprising.  

Our supposed leadoff hitter (Figgins) keeps striking out and popping up.  He was finally dropped in the lineup, three months too late.  

No power hitting third baseman for the last three years.  McPherson was yet another bill of goods peddled to us by Stoneman. Yet, Beane goes out and get Thomas for the year.  Talk about getting clowned.  

A shaky bullpen, yet Stonemen could find no room in it for Turnbow or Jenks.  Jeez.  This is turn leads to Shields being overused and tiring late in the season.  Enough with the 'but Shields has a rubber arm' nonsense.  

Predictable managing and predictable results.  Last night's final Angel at bat was almost a cliche.  Runner on second and no one out.  What happens? They bunt the runner to third.  One out.  First and second base open.  As if Guerrero was going to be anything but walked.  So it's now 1st and 3rd, one out, with the slow and double play prone Juan Rivera at the plate.  Yes, I expected the double play,  I'm sorry to say.

A team fat and sassy, unwilling to put attention to the details, such as not making careless errors and not pitching throws high in the strike zone when you've got a 5 man infield in place.  

If Stoneman is back next year, rejoice Athletics Nation.  The A's will be in contention.  

So you're probaly wondering why isn't this being posted on that other site?  Well, that other site is idiotic.  Any critical thinking (any thinking, actually) is frowned upon.  You must adore Stoneman or else.  It's basically "Heckuva job, Stoney", down at that site.  So sad.

And look at his pictures.  Kind of looks like one of those guys who's bound to go into a McDonald's and start blowing up the place.  

Anyway, thank you for your indulgence.  The A's deserved to win the West, but it should be pointed out that the Angels weren't a very good team to measure themselves against and prepare for the playoffs.