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Open Thread: Game 154 - A's vs. Angels (THREAD 1)

How do you sum up yesterday's game? You can't; it was that sensational an experience of pennant-race baseball at its finest.

How do you sum up what it means to be an A's fan? Easy, you turn to baseballgirl, who sets the standard the rest of us all humbly try to follow:

How do you top last night's game? That would require more than any man, woman, boy, girl, player or coach could provide. It would essentially require some sort of divine intervention, something like...Roy Steele's return to the PA mike for a possible division-clinching game.

So Jason, stick that f-ing thing out there against Lackey; Milton, go to your happy place; Chavy, favor your one working limb as you insist "it's only a minor flesh wound!"; Macha, please read carefully the Temporary Restraining Order you were just served, and don't get within 500 feet of Huston Street...

...And let's make it official!