Unpopular Opinions

We're A's fans. We cheer alike. We boo alike. We throw chairs alike. I'd be willing to bet, though, that there's an issue for each of us that strays from a popular AN opinion and that's what I am interested in.

I'm curious. In what areas are you a member of a minority (or even solo) opinion? Do you like Macha? Think we should bunt more often? Are you not heartbroken about Zito's upcoming departure?

Spill. I promise that tarring and feathering will be kept to a minimum.

Here are mine:

1.) I like Derek Jeter. In fact, I like most of the Yankees. And of the few Yankees I dislike, two of them are former A's.

2.) I would like to steal more bases, especially on catcher's with poor percentages. I had hoped to do more running on Victor Martinez.

3.) Zito's departure is going to affect me a whole lot less than that of Hudson or Mulder.