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The Warm Fuzzy Thread While We Wait

Well, I could write about the playoffs, and how we either need to beat the Yankees' record, or the Tigers need to beat Minnesota's in order to see the Tigers in the first round, but most of that is out of our control, and is now a game of wait-and-see.

I suppose I could talk about who's pitching today, but if I'm honest, there isn't much left to say until after the game, or really, until after a second consecutive start.

With time to kill, and with the AN collective holding their breath, I thought I'd take a moment and make sure that in the thrill of getting to the finish line, we don't miss out on the ride.

Our SoCal AN contingent had 20+ people show up at a bar last night, and it was as close as we could get to actually being at the game. If the A's needed any energy coming from the south, it sure was there last night.

With our magic number rapidly going down, it appears that the A's are on the verge of doing something that hasn't happened in our time on AN; clinch a playoff spot.

The question I posed to those in attendance last night was:

How do you feel about the A's this year?

Here are their responses...and we'd love to hear yours.

I hope the A's are going to the World Series so I can fly up and witness the champions.


I'm glad to finally know there are other NUTS like me!


I'm growing my hair out long so I can look as similar to Swisher as humanly possible.

Taj Adib

There's nothing better than being an A's fan--baseball, drums, white shoes, B. Beane--and a fabulous website. And this is the year--playoffs!


There is nothing more fulfilling than being an A's fan, okay maybe there is, but I can't think of anything right now.


I love watching the chemistry our ball club has. Young talent brings out the best of baseball.


I know this is our year. You heard it here first. mark it down. Although I've thought that every year, and I haven't been right since 1989. Go A's!!


The A's are the A's. It doesn't really matter about the names on the back, it's the name on the front. I don't care who's pitching--if it says Oakland on front--they will win. I love this team--Period. (P.S. Scutaro is the man)

Erik being Erik

A's fans are the best! It really reflects the laid-back attitude of the team. Wherever you go, A's fans are the best! Always giving high-fives and celebrating. I can't wait to cheer for the team with everyone on AN SoCal Day.


Baseballgirl is the Derek Jeter of Athletics Nation.

Oaktown Power

baseballgirl note: I don't know WHAT that means, except I'm glad you love Derek Jeter!

September always in contention. This year no Angels celebrating on our field.


This is our year. I've said that many times, but this time I really feel it...


There hasn't been a team like this, and I've never felt this much love for one. We're not the powerhouse team that runs everyone else over; we're not the talented, yet underachieving team that just misses the playoffs; but we're a combination of a team that seems to do just enough to win, while enjoying the heck out of the ride.


If there was ever a September game not to miss, it's this one. Set your calendars for a three-hour meeting, because at 12:35, we will witness the long-anticipated return of the A's very own Rich Harden.