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Viva Los Kirk!

If that was the last game we see Kirk Saarloos start as an Oakland Athletic, it was quite a memorable one. Because he did something that he rarely did during his time in an A's uniform and that's strike people out. He had 11 in five innings tonight. At the same time, he worked through a lot of jams to keep the A's close enough.

Then Klown Power took over and Bobby Kielty did what he always does and that's mash left-handed pitching. I would've loved it if Swisher's home run would've helped us avoid having to use Street tonight, but hell, Street can rest when this thing is wrapped up.

Ironically, both the A's and Angels got seriously outhit tonight, but both came through with victories. If the A's can somehow win these next two games, regardless of what the Angels do in their game tomorrow with Kansas City, the Athletics could have their magic number down to four by the time the Angels came in to Oakland this weekend. And wouldn't it be nice to win the division just by taking two out of three from the Angels at the Coliseum?

Tomorrow, Esteban Loaiza takes on Fausto Carmona, who is 1-9 with an ERA over 6. Let's just hope that Loaiza can continue his great run.

By the way, I'll be in absentia the rest of this week. I took greendatitiz's story about his daughter to heart and I'll be taking a CPR course tomorrow. I'll be actually AT the game on Thursday to see the return of King Richard.

So I leave you with this message...LET'S GO OAK-LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!