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Loewen Behold: A's Lose

On a day where for the most part, the A's really didn't hit, pitch, or field very well, perhaps the "moral victory" is that for all that went wrong it wound up just a one-run game. And on that note: thanks a lot, Dan Johnson, for messing up our record in one-run games. Sheesh.

Let me say this: yes he had a 5.56 ERA coming in, but the A's were not beaten by a scrub today. Adam Loewen, in my opinion, has a chance to be a very fine pitcher in the AL. I actually like his stuff a little better than I like Erik Bedard's, and if/when Loewen gets past the sudden "can't find the plate" episodes--which comes with the territory of being 22 years old and only months out of A-ball--he may be a dominant pitcher sooner rather than later.

Today, Scutaro, Swisher, and Payton each cost the A's a run by missing a completely get-able ball. It hasn't happened often, and not coincidentally the A's haven't been losing very often. Basically, if when the A's play good defense they win, I'll take my chances.

And again, I really like Frank Thomas. A lot.