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Melvin Taketh Away...And Melvin Giveth A Little Mora

For 6 innings, it was all Mora, hoarding hits and RBIs like they were going out of style and then robbing Frank Thomas of an extra-base hit that would have scored 1-2 runs. But when you're going good like the A's are, ultimately the credits outweigh the debits, and in the end it was Mora on the short end of a critical defensive mistake, The Big Hurt making the most of his next opportunity, and Justin Duchscherer retiring, yup, Mora to end the game.

That's 10 in a row at home for the A's, and an 8.5 game lead in a division race that is supposed to come down to the final weekend, but really isn't that close anymore. Remember when we were speculating whether it might take 85 wins or 88 wins to take the AL West? Not any more it won't. And no, the A's haven't wrapped up the division yet, but suddenly the Angels (or Rangers) would have to get back into getting back into the race, before they could actually challenge for anything. In other words, there's a lady over there with a bit of a weight problem and she's feeling melodic. Stay tuned.

Oh. And I really like Frank Thomas. A lot.