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A's Killer

Jake Westbrook gave up four runs in 6.2 innings earlier this year to the A's. He got a no decision, but Westbrook has been a nemesis of the A's for several years, going 3-2, but sporting a 2.96 ERA against the green and gold.

It seems the A's only hope against Westbrook is the walk and he wasn't cooperating this evening. From 2002-2005, Westbrook gave up 19 walks and only struck out 17 against the A's. But Westbrook is earning a place in the A's killer hall of fame along with people like Mike Mussina, Ervin Santana and Vicente Padilla.

I'm just glad that none of the division rivals decided to sign this guy.

Danny Haren struggled mightily after giving the A's a huge boost into their now defunct four-game winning streak. The Indians hitters were much more patient with Haren, getting four walks and swinging whenever Danny made a mistake up in the zone.

Kotsay, Payton and Bradley seemed to have a good night, but the rest of the offense took the night off. It's funny because Frank Thomas has created Bonds-like expectations. I literally expect the guy to do something remarkable every time he comes to the plate. He's set the bar so high that you are left slack-jawed if he makes an out.

So the magic number remains seven, the A's lead is down to 6.5 and it's up to Los Kirk to make this a blip on the radar screen.

Oh, and Rich Harden has now been officially confirmed as the starter for the game I'm going to on Thursday. Woo hoo! Go Canada!