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Jose Lima's Wife's Dress

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OK, so my fellow SBN blogger at Lone Star Ball won the infamous dress that Jose Lima's wife Melissa wore to a Dodgers game a while back. It gained a ton of notoriety due to Melissa's, um, impressive dimensions.


She put it up on eBay and Adam Morris decided as a goof to bid on it. Turns out his goof was the winning bid. And now he's in a bit of a quandry because he receives a personal inscription on an 8X10 photo. He needs our help, so I open it up to you, fellow ANers. Help Adam decide what Melissa Lima should write on the photo. Hey, this is the best thing to happen to a Rangers fan in 2006, so go help him out and maybe the Rangers will repay us with a few victories over Anaheim in the next few days.

I was figuring something along the lines of, "Those aren't buoys."