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Using Your Dome

I can't help but think of Bill King whenever the A's play in Minnesota. Much like interleague play and visits to Arlington, Texas, King always made it known how he felt about the monstrosity to baseball that is the Metrodome.

But the truth of the matter is that the dome had very little to do with the result tonight. The formula was simple for the Twins on this one. Silva shut down the A's red hot offense, besides the record-setting Frank Thomas home run. Apparently Silva knows how to pitch when he faces the A's and forgets whenever any other team holds the bats against him. The A's as a team had a .294 OBP coming into the game against the Twins pitcher who hates walking people. Hmmmmm...well, guess that makes sense.

If there was any positive to come out of the game, it's that the A's seemed to be able to get to the Twins bullpen. But I'm really starting to get concerned about our starting pitching. I expect Witasick and Sauerbeck to be, well, Witasick and Sauerbeck. But I don't expect Blanton, Zito and even Loaiza to go into the recent funk they've gone into. It's like they all sat down at the all-you-can-eat Jose Lima buffet and caught whatever he has through the sneeze-guard. This is beginning to become a major concern. Our team will not do anything in the playoffs if the starting pitching doesn't turn it around asap.

Meanwhile, I have to do something I hate doing and that's rooting for AssJack and Ozzie Guillen to win a game. I also have to watch our beautiful Coliseum get destroyed by football cleats all night. Ugh.

And now the A's have to turn to a ground ball pitcher on the turf to hope they can turn their fortunes against the Twinkies around. Come on, Los Kirk. Let's go Pale Hose. I'm going to go throw up now.