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Keep the "Feel Good" Going

I figured since we have a short wait until game time today that I'd share another letter from Sports4Kids, the non-profit entity we gave season tickets to prior to the season starting. The A's have won six in a row and life is good.

Here is the letter from one of the beneficiaries of AN's gift:

The letter reads:

Dear Athletics Nation,
It was a very good game. I had a great time and I'm sure that you're watching the game too. You gave me a chance to see an A's game up close. Thank you for the free tickets and food. I thank Mr. Hutchinson for giving me a chance to see a game. You guys are very blessed and I had a great time.
Your friend,
Devin Smith
Thank you again!

Devin's teacher also signed the letter:

Thank you the kids had a great time.
Mike Hutchison
Maxwell Park Elementary

Now my wife will tell you that I'm a big softy of a guy. I couldn't stop crying for about a month after my daughter was born (out of pure happiness of course). Field of Dreams has me shedding tears every time Kevin Costner's Dad comes out (even more so now that I have a daughter who my father will never meet). But for some reason this letter really tugged at my heart strings. Perhaps it's because of the story that Sporty Spice shared with us in the DLD the other day. Whatever the reason, this letter really choked me up and made me feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this community. Thank you very much.