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Balance to the Force

In dissecting anything in baseball, you have to be willing to examine it from all angles. Not everything a player does is great or horrible. Yes, even Esteban Loaiza has scoreless innings and strikes players out! Jason Kendall even hits a home run every Olympic year.

So I don't think it's out of line for us to look at the A's front office the same way. Yes there have been the Arthur Rhodes and Esteban Loaiza signings, but there are also a lot of great decisions made. I'm not saying we should solely focus on the good decisions either. I'm just saying that in a true critique of moves, there needs to be an expanded scope to include a variety of moves. Anyone can be laser focused on mistakes made or greatness woven.

That being said, here is my most recent FSN Bay Area column talking about the Oakland Athletics front office. The question isn't whether Beane and company are Anakin or Luke Skywalker, but more of a Han Solo-type walking the line in between both good and bad. I personally think that more often than not, he's been more frequently on the good side just like Solo. (takes off geek cap and wonders what happened to former ANer Force)