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Recurring Theme

Oh, DL, how we missed had been something like three weeks or so since we last said those two letters in succession.

Not really. We've been shouting them from the rooftops for Nick Swisher. But those two letters are now being mentioned for Bobby Crosby and Jay Payton.

Crosby would be a big loss defensively for the A's as several defensive ratings have Bobby near the top in shortstops in baseball. Course, if Mike Rouse is the candidate to come up he could be a nice replacement offensively. Although Scutaro has been hitting better lately at .281 since the All Star break. The problem is that his OBP is only .286 in that same time frame. Billy Beane would give him a Wag of the Finger.

Payton would be a big loss and the A's would likely see the return of Mr. DJ. It would be unfortunate because Swisher wouldn't be able to get the rest that he needs as he would be back in left field and DJ back at first. Plus, to be blunt about it, Payton is one of the only A's swinging a consistently hot stick right now. He's hitting something like .386 with RISP and we know how the A's struggle with that issue.

Keep your fingers crossed this off day that we don't have to make use of that crowded DL again. Then again, a trip for Crosby might be just what he needs to help him get his mind right and his grind right.