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It Ain't Close to Over

There are still 31 games left in the season and AN has run the gamut this season from being convinced this team stunk at the beginning of the year to wanting to blow it up and completely rebuild to now claiming that the Angels have no chance.

My personal feeling is that it isn't over until the Angels and Rangers no longer have a pulse, the coroner has come in and CSI is looking for the cause of death. I'm talking stake through the heart, plasma grenade to the forehead destruction.

Haven't you guys ever watched Fatal Attraction or The Terminator or Nightmare on Elm Street? The evil one isn't dead until they come back to life one more time. You may have chopped off their legs or drowned them in a bathtub, but inevitably, they will startle the audience once more time, crawling on their hands, dragging their body behind them in one more desperate attempt. And the thing is, the A's don't really even have the hated Halos at that point yet. 6.5 is a nice lead with 31 games to play, but the A's still have seven more games with the Angels. If the Angels suddenly went all A's on the Mariners on the Athletics, it's suddenly a whole new story. Then again, if the A's hit a small slump they could easily be out of first place in a week.

While I love the fact that AN is suddenly a place filled with confidence and bravado, I'm still not sold that this is close to being over. Perhaps it's just because I've seen the bad guys resurrect themselves from sure death one too many times. As much as I'd love to thin it was over, I guess I just need to temper my enthusiasm until the Angels and Rangers are wearing tags on their toes.