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For Shame

Shame on me. I was already thinking ahead and thinking, well, a four-game lead isn't so bad. This was after Danny Haren gave up the eighth run in the second inning. I thought the game was over because I knew with the pen stretched thin with Street's injury and both Halsey and Saarloos coming out to start games that Haren was going to have to bite the bullet.

Yet the team was resilient enough to continue pounding away until they wound up on top 12-10. They even incited Hillenlillygate II. Course I'm not exactly sure what happened here because the game wasn't televised in Sacramento. But I will be catching the blow by blow account on ESPN (apparently all they care about are the Red Sox, Yankees and nuclear blow ups between fans/management and/or players). But kudos to Eric Chavez who ironically when batting eighth in the lineup very well may have had his most memorable night at the plate this season. The 10-pitch walk against Lilly led to the seven-run inning.

I just can't believe that the team was able to tie an all-time record for biggest deficit overcome. Kudos to the offense for picking up the slack when the pitching let the team down. It was a role reversal from earlier in the year when the pitching repeatedly kept the offense in the game. The offense wrapped up this win in a Tiffany box, left it under Haren's pillow and woke him up to ask if he'd do them the honor of taking this victory. Granted, Haren wasn't sure if he wanted it at first being commitment-phobic, but he warmed to the idea after the top of the third.

For those of you who don't like Jason Kendall, the guy is now hitting .287. He's not a home run hitter and he hits into a lot of DPs, but he's been an ideal leadoff hitter this year.

Finally, the pen pulled a bend but don't break routine, but it was enough to get the A's exactly what they were looking for...a win and a five-game lead over the Angels and a 6.5 game lead over the Rangers.

Shame on me.