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Open Thread: Game 124 - A's at Kansas City


So I got back late last night (or early in the morning, if you're a stickler for accuracy...oh who am I kidding, this is Athletics Nation, early in the morning it is! :)) from a concert in Costa Mesa, where I saw Toad the Wet Sprocket. This may not seem like it has anything to do with baseball, but it does; hang in there.

The last time I saw this band was 1993. For some reason, my whole life is calculated in baseball terms. Winter = off-season, Spring = Practice games, Summer = stretch drive, Fall = Playoffs. If you ask me when an important event in my life took place, I will count back the years using A's baseball. In my lifetime, I have three stages: the great A's of the 80s, the terrible A's of the 90s, and the great A's of the `00s.

After trying to slit my wrists with the remote control after Friday's games, I started to look forward to the concert, clinging to the hope that the Saturday offense would carry over for the series' split, but mostly wanting to forget about the next looming Royals' game. But instead of finding the distraction I sought, an interesting thing happened to me once inside the venue; I started to remember A's baseball, circa 1993.

For those of you who have blocked it from your memory, or simply weren't old enough to remember that year; allow me to elaborate:

Oakland Athletics - Final Record 68-94. WL% .420. Finished 26 games behind in the West.


Okay, so my point can always be worse.

So, it shouldn't sting as much when I tell you that Huston Street has been placed on the DL and Flores has been recalled.

<searches around frantically for the new closer named Rich Harden>

It can be worse, and it has been, and odds are it will be again. However, from 2000 to 2006, our team has been in the race for almost that entire time, when you compare those six years, you'll see that our position right now is as good as any before. And as much as our team frustrates, annoys, and inspires us to strangle them at times (and that's just when they're not hurt), they are nothing if not resilient, and that's going to be tested down the stretch, and it won't just be against the `good' teams.

The offense had better show up again today, and let's hope Saarloos can pull out a seven-inning, three-runs-or-fewer performance, and Duke and/or Calero are ready to take on the closer role. Until Huston or Harden is back in the bullpen, we're just going to have to wear it, and hope that our offense takes its turn at winning games.

Ummm...the good news? We're not the 1993 A's and Huston can't blow any saves right now? Boooooooooooo. Well, I tried.



1. Kendall
2. Kotsay
3. Bradley
4. Thomas
5. Chavez
6. Payton
7. Swisher
8. Crosby
9. Ellis

Kansas City

1. DeJesus
2. Grudzielanek
3. Teahen
4. Brown
5. Sanders
6. Shealy
7. Bako
8. Gathright
9. Blanco

Coming up: The A's try to split the series with the Royals, while Seattle tries to pretend they are a major league baseball team while playing the Angels.