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Why I Can't Stand the Angels Announcers

This past spring training after Nico and I saw a game against the Angels, I was following Angels announcer Steve Physioc in the parking lot. I really wanted to run up to him, give him a Wet Willy, noogie and a wedgie and then run off to my car.

Sadly, Nico held me back. Damn you, funny man!

Any way, today was a prime example of exactly why I can't stand the announcing team of Physioc and Hudler. When Mark Kotsay singled to score what turned out to be the winning run, you could barely hear Physioc's call. When Street got Pride to ground out to end the game, Physioc nearly broke down in tears, whispering, "And the A's take the series two out of three."

Now I'm not going to say the A's don't have homers because Fosse is a homer. But Korach gets excited even when the other team makes a great play, which is as it should be. I'm not saying you need to fawn over the opposing team, but a big play in the game is a big play.

A good example of a great call today was the Rangers television announcers when Jason Tyner made an unbelievable over-the-wall home run robbing catch and they got just as excited as if a Ranger player did it. It's how it should be. You can be a homer without being a joke. Apparently Physioc and Hudler never learned that.