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A's Win: First Place Baby

No cutesie titles today for AN. I was half tempted to just put up a diary like saint did that got about 100 recommendations a few weeks back.

First and foremost, Loaiza had one of his best starts in a while. Granted, that's not saying much, but he performed admirably against a team that normally tears the cover off the ball when he is the opposing pitcher. Their roster (not lineup, but ROSTER) had a collective OPS above 1.000 against the guy.

And the A's offense as able to squeeze blood from a turnip once again getting three runs (although they should've scored more, especially in the eighth against Shields). As many have said, if this offense can just produce 4-5 runs a night, the starting pitching and pen should be good enough to make sure they make it stick.

The Angels defense reverted to what they've been doing all season and that's making errors with three today.

This was such a crucial series for the A's to win and make sure that they're serving notice that the team will not fade. They also did it without their best offensive player right now in Bradley. The Angels plunked the A's second best offensive guy right now in Payton. Let's just hope it's nothing serious. Boy, you can certainly feel the rivalry now, can't you? I'm glad Payton didn't charge the mound because it would've been really unfortunate to lose him to suspension.

I'm really proud of the team today and how it pushed through. Escobar hasn't been easy on the A's in the past and Loaiza has been Paris Hilton to the Angels in his career. Easy as hell. Regardless, Macha managed the game as if it had a ton of meaning. He stretched Calero and Street out and was rewarded for doing so. It's awful that Loaiza hasn't been the innings eater the A's had hoped for, but they got a very key W today with him on the hill.

There is a good diary talking about Swisher's problems right now that I suggest you read. I'm definitely in favor of DLing him until he gets his strength and energy back. He's not the same player he was and he probably won't get there until he gets better. It also gives the A's the chance to see if DJ has really turned a corner. Then again, depending on what happens with Payton's hand, who knows, Swisher might HAVE to stay on the active roster.

As for more analysis, F it...A'S WIN...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!