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Earl Weaver Would be Proud

Tonight, the A's extended their streak against the division rival Seattle Mariners to 15 straight victories, tying a major league record for the longest such streak against a division opponent since the introduction of division play almost 40 years ago.

In contrast to the two previous games in this series, which saw an A's blowout on Tuesday and a breath-taking comeback on Monday, tonight's game rested on the back of great starting pitching by Dan Haren (and impressive bullpen work), and a 3-run shot by Mark Ellis that provided all the offense the A's would need.

Haren struck out eight, and didn't walk anybody, in one of his most impressive pitching performances on the season as he made a strong case to be the team's ace in 2007 (Harden permitting). Seattle somehow managed 10 hits on the game (2 more than the A's), but couldn't get anybody past third base, and as Cindi would tell you, "4th base is the important one".

With some sadness, we see the Mariners leave Oakland for the final time this season, but by no means is the series over between these two clubs, who resume their mismatch at the end of September at Safeco. The Mariners leave Oakland 12 games out of first, and with the A's sporting a 6 1/2 game lead on "Brawling Team A" and "Brawling Team B", a six-game winning streak, and some serious momentum.