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Open Thread: Interview on Thursday

Sorry for the slow posting this week, folks. I've been working on an interview with someone who is a Ghost of Athletics past (and a legend) and I'm hoping to have it posted this Thursday morning for the offday.

I've been getting help on securing the interview, so it's been a bit of a back and forth thing.

In the meantime, I'm going to open this up for free discussion on a variety of topics, anything from the beauty of the A's bullpen (fourth best ERA in all of baseball and the only team to have three relievers in the top 30 of Baseball Prospectus's Win Expectation above Replacement for relievers - the Holy Trinity of Street, Calero and Duke) to the continuing saga of the A's medical staff.

I'm actually going to the game tomorrow with my nephew who will be visiting from the East Coast, so the site will be in the very capable hands of louismg and baseballgirl.