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Beane and Korach at AN Day 3

For those who missed it, I figured it would be a good idea to put up the YouTube video of Billy Beane and Korach at AN Day 3. I think it wound up getting buried in the comments of a diary so I wanted to be sure that people saw a tidbit from it.

I'm personally still coming down off the high from the game (not to mention a sore throat from all the yelling). I also think someone else had another video from a different portion of the talk, so if you want to share that here, that would be great.

Also, for those of you looking for a Roy Steele update, I helped connect a reporter with Steele's grandson which led to this story. He wanted to make sure that I shared it with AN.

And finally, I wanted to announce that I'm going to be holding a contest in August to give away a great DVD that features highlights from all four of the Oakland A's championships. I've watched this video and it's just fantastic to see all that history. Especially the teams from the early 70s as I wasn't even a year old when the A's won their first championship in 72.

How will the contest work? Simple, I'm going to do it based on baseballgirl's Best Quotes of the Month diary that she does every month. The winner of the best quote from August as voted in baseballgirl's diary at the end of the month will win the DVD.

Here is what the DVD looks like for those who weren't there at AN Day:

Good luck and keep the funny and insightful comments coming!