Help! AN May be the Problem!

In line with Zonis' note of "I have a confession to make"... and firmly tongue in cheek, about cheeks in seats... we may have a very serious problem about how AN's front page editors have impacted the team, and not in a good way.

I submit to you...

  • The A's in 2006 have a record of 45-42 (.517)
  • The A's in 2006 have a home record of 24-21 (.533)
  • Yet, in the 19 games I've attended, they are 8-11 (.421). Only three teams in all of baseball (Royals, Cubs & Pirates) have worse numbers.
  • April 14, 15 vs. Texas  (Loss, Win)
  • April 18 vs. Detroit (Win)
  • April 21, 22 vs. LAA (Win, Loss)
  • May 5,6 vs. Tampa Bay (Loss, Win)
  • May 19, 20, 21 vs. San Francisco (Win, Loss, Loss)
  • June 2 vs. Minnesota (Loss)
  • June 16, 17 vs. LA Dodgers (Win, Win)
  • June 30, July 1 vs. Arizona (Loss, Loss)
  • July 3,5 vs. Detroit (Win, Loss)
  • July 7,8 vs. LAA (Loss, Loss)
  • This means...
  • The A's record without me in attendance is 37-31 (.544)
  • The A's home record in 2006 without me is 16-10 (.615), and 46% better than the .421 mark...
  • If you apply the .615 winning percentage to the 19 games I attended, assuming I were not there, and that they played to their potential, with my attendance being the sole factor, then the A's should have won 11.7 contests (rounded up to 12) so far of those 19, not 8. Thus, I personally may have already cost the team 4 games in the standings.

Additionally, I have it on good knowledge that in the two contests that Blez has attended, the team lost 15-2 and 10-4, for a combined run differential in the two contests of 25-6. Not good. In fact, given the A's have scored 378 runs and given up 390 runs thus far, if you exclude Blez's attended games, the A's instead have outscored their opponents by a tally of 372 to 365 - a remarkable turnaround on that side of the ledger.