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Too Little, Too Late

Is there a such thing as the momentum of "taking a rally into tomorrow"? Let's hope so, as 4 runs was too little too late to help tonight. But for a team that had 3 hits in 16 innings to get off the deck and bring the tying run, and then the winning run, to the plate was impressive. And only useful if it carries over into Sunday.

Jered Weaver looked good to me--not Lackey good but certainly impressive for a rookie. Honestly it's a bit hard to judge when the team he's facing isn't really hitting anyone. Question: From my position right behind the plate, it looked like Blanton just couldn't get a call on the outside corner to a righty/inside corner to a lefty. Bill Miller was definitely consistent, but was he consistently right on, or consistently squeezing? Just wondering, because Blanton certainly seemed more visibly perturbed than he usually shows. Inquiring minds want to know.

Sunday's game is big, as the Angels try to snatch three in a row and finish just two out at the All-Star break, and the A's try to assert themselves as a solid four games up on the reigning division champs. With Haren, Duke, and Street at the ready, I feel good. With this offense, I'm always nervous.

Remember the game before the All-Star break last year? Street had one of his only two blown saves after he took over as the closer, with a Timo Perez double tying the game in Chicago. Street pitched three innings and the A's won a crazy extra inning affair to sweep the eventual World Champions.

What will tomorrow bring for us to reflect on, and replay over and over in our mind, for three days? Stay tuned.