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Open Thread: Game 87 - A's vs. Angels

The A's need to grab at least one of the last two games before the All-Star Break to avoid hearing loud Angel footsteps. Oakland pins its hopes tonight on the inconsistent Joe Blanton, hoping that he comes up big tonight. I think he will; I just hope he pitches effectively. The A's also hope the law of averages brings Jared Weaver crashing back to earth, because his 5-0 record and 1.35 ERA is a tad intimidating to a club working on a string of 27 straight batters retired, having already been one-hit in back-to-back games this season.

I'm off to (hopefully) enjoy the proceedings, from the front row of Section 117, and I'll look forward to reporting on Weaver's stuff after the game. So if the camera shows the area right behind the backstop, look for a tall man in his 50s with a mohawk, green suspenders and gold sunglasses, and most of his front teeth missing. For all you know, I could be in the row in front of him.