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Buster Olney on Zito Deal

Buster Olney isn't exactly known as knowing Billy Beane exceptionally well, however he recently did an interview with Metsblog where he discussed the Zito for Milledge deal that many have speculated about.

Here's one of the items that Olney says:

"He can, he can make that trade right now," Olney says, assuming Minaya will part with Lastings Milledge straight-up, "I promise you that deal would be done within an hour."...

Additionally, Olney points out that Beane may be willing to part with Zito for just Aaron Heilman, as long as the Mets filled in with other prospects, Beane would pull the trigger...

Where Olney loses me is that he says that basically the A's can fill in the rotation with Saarloos and the return of Rich Harden. Unless Olney knows something that we don't, Harden won't like be back until late August or September at the earliest. Olney also goes on to say that the A's would be willing to part with Zito to the White Sox for Brandon McCarthy.

Olney also claims that all the A's want to do is make the playoffs whereas that isn't the goal in NY. The goal is to win the World Series. I don't agree with him here as I know Billy Beane well enough to know that the first round failures eats at his stomach lining every single day of his life.

So take it for what it's worth. I don't doubt that Olney is close to the truth with the Milledge and McCarthy deals. Beane wants players who can contribute now.

To me, the prospect of Milledge, Barton, Swisher and eventually Suzuki is a pretty nice core moving forward. Especially if Pelfrey or Heilman is also a part of the deal. Then you're helping your rotation and future offense while dealing someone who is definitely gone after the year any way. (The Sporting Gods are going to smite me for saying this about one of my favorite players)