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Is This The End?

Was that the last time we're going to see Barry Zito walk off the mound at the Coliseum wearing green and gold? I'm not sure, but my gut is telling me it very well could've been.

Regardless, it's not the way you want to end a fantastic career as an Oakland Athletic. The A's actually threatened to come back in this game several times, but were just that one hit away from doing it. Then again, giving any team seven runs is tough to come back from.

The worst part is that the A's are wasting a remarkable stretch from their bullpen. The team's pen has gone the last 20 2/3rd's innings and allowed exactly 0 earned runs over the past seven games. That's some amazing pitching and it comes just in time for the A's starters to experience one of their poorest stretches in a while. Granted, they're facing offenses like Detroit, Baltimore and Boston, but the bullpen has been able to shut them down. Of course it has to make you wonder how much longer the pen can continue to perform like that when the starters have only been going five innings or less.

The A's are now tied with Anaheim for first place in the West, and the schedule isn't any friendlier tomorrow with Jason Windsor facing Curt Schilling while the Angels continue to face the Devil Rays. It's a bit bumpy, ladies and gents, so make sure you're buckled in.