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This game was unconvential in so many ways. The A's scored three runs without getting a hit to plate any of those runs. A balk, a double steal and a bases loaded walk. As a matter of fact the team was one-hit through five by a guy who walked six in his time on the mound. You've just got to take advantage of those opportunities when someone is that wild.

I do think that this game should've been closer once Saarloos started to get hit around in the bottom of the seventh because I felt Macha should've gone to Calero at that point. Saarloos was clearly leaving his pitches up and it could've been disastrous against someone like Tejada or Mora.

As for Jason Windsor, his first few innings weren't stellar but it was a hot night, he was likely very nervous and Kendall needs to learn Windsor's strengths. I think you saw it in the fifth inning with a couple of Bugs Bunny-like changeups to strike out Mora and Tejada. Windsor will get a lot of swing-throughs with that change. He just needs to get more control. He also gave up two runs that shouldn't have happened because of his own error, but that could likely have been attributed to nerves. After watching Los Kirk tonight and getting the news on Rich Harden (likely out until at least late August/early September), I'm glad that the A's have made the decision to bring up Windsor. I think he only gets better from here.

By the way, after seeing Milton Bradley limp around after the double steal and an awkward swing, there is just no way the A's should even consider dealing Jay Payton. I loved the drag bunt to get aboard and the delayed steal to try and get the tying run home (then negated by running on the Ellis flyout), but how long until the DL calls again?

And in case anyone worried about Eric Chavez, you should still worry. He looked awkward at the plate despite the two walks. It might very well be rust from being away for a week, but I'm thinking the A's are going to regret not DLing him. We'll see if that changes after a few more at-bats, but I'm not seeing it right now. It's a huge worry for the team and if the ABs continue over the next few days, Chavez should AT LEAST be dropped in the order.

I still think this was a winnable game that was probably given away by use of the pen, but the offense once again stagnated against a pitcher whose ERA was over 7...that was until he faced the A's. It's now around 6 and a half.