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Penny Wise And Schilling Foolish

The great thing about watching a game with friends is that it's a good time no matter how the game goes. Chez Nico II, featuring Apricot and little Hope (cuuuuuute!!!), batgirl, eamb, englishmajor, gigglingone, highstreet, JLaff, louismg & wife thereof, Melody, OaklandSi, Poochini, saint, SportySpice, a lot of dead-and-delicious carcasses, and batgirl's shish-k-tatertots, was "a rip-roaring good time except for the result of the game itself." Bummer about the game, but nice to have comrades with whom you can drown those sorrows.

Not much to say about today's game except that Schilling had it going today, Haren didn't, and if the A's can take tomorrow's finale it's a great series. Let's hope Blanton is on his game and that the A's don't make emergency fill-in starter Kyle Snyder look better than he is--as they did in 2003--because Snyder is 2-9, 5.64 for his career and couldn't make the Royals' rotation. Opportunity is knocking for the A's to get off to another outstanding second-half start.

Finally, forgive me for being unprofessional for a heated moment, but it is frustrating to be beaten by a minor league person. A major league pitcher, no doubt, but a minor league person (I won't elaborate on this site, but Curt Schilling is one of my very, very least favorite major league players). So it was no surprise to see the absolute chickens*** move of throwing at Nick Swisher for no good reason. Pathetic. Living well is the best revenge: Let's hope the A's can win the series tomorrow.