Stomper Loves Athletics Nation

At today's game, we arrived in our usual seats in section 114, row 28, only to find the sun extended only to row 27, and that we were in the shade. It's July! Give us some sun, even if you're not going to give us any offense, A's!

So, my wife and I, both sporting our Athletics Nation t-shirts, made our way to section 212, and tried to get slightly darker than Elmer's Glue. And we found sun! But guess who else we found? That's right, America's favorite non-political elephant, Stomper!

Stomper came by us, waving and high fiving the fans, the pair of us included. Now, if I haven't mentioned it before, it should be noted that my wife has a somewhat unhealthy crush on mascots, and Stomper specifically, so I was somewhat surprised she didn't take off with him and leave.

But before that could happen, Stomper reached across the row, and tap-tapped my shirt on the Athletics Nation script, did a thumbs up sign, hit his own chest repeatedly and nodded, again flashing the thumbs up sign. Stomper lives among us.

But he didn't tell me his log-on. Damn elephant didn't talk.