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Is...It...<Rubs Eyes>...1986?

Sometime during the 7th inning today, it all went hazy. Suddenly, I was a bit unsure...Was it 2006, or was it 1986? Was that journeyman right-hander Esteban Loaiza toiling on the mound...or was it Lary Sorenson? Who was that pathetic soft-tossing lefty laboring, unsuccessfully, to try to put out the fire? Was that Scott Sauerbeck, or was it Dave, I mean Dave von Ohlen... sorry, that's Ed Vosberg...Were we making Miguel Batista look like Cy Young, or was that Jim Clancy...Or John Butcher...

Remember those games? It was a beautiful day at the Coliseum--sure your team couldn't hit or pitch, and the bad innings were interminable as all hope unraveled more slowly and more painfully than a root canal--but you still went because after all, you couldn't beat the weather and hey, even if it was too little too late, Dave Kingman might just hit a monster homerun.

Yeah, today was kinda like that.