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Mixed Emotions, But We'll Take the Win!

Baseball's a funny game sometimes.

For a sport that seems to be measured over weeks, even months, things sure can turn on a dime, and in a matter of hours, things can be so different from what you ever thought they would be.

For instance, at the start of this game, who would have thought that we'd be glad to have Loaiza as our number four starter, Saarloos would be looking at a starting pitching role, and that we'd be frustrated at our manager. Oh, wait. Except the last one.

I'm going to say it: Rich Harden is officially `injury prone'. I know he doesn't like his title, but c'mon. It's at the point of absurd. The A's probably should proceed with setting up the team minus one starting pitcher, and of course that raises questions about Barry Zito. Can the A's truly afford to just let him walk?

And for heaven's sake, Bobby Crosby BETTER be okay.

The A's offense should have scored about 10 runs today, letting Calero and Street have the day off. They didn't. <files away for later use> They made this game a lot closer than it had a right to be. A huge `thank you' to Huston Street for his appearance.

The best news of the day is that Loaiza appears to be back--he was stellar today, and (most of) the offense is actually hitting. It's hard, but we can't afford to think of `what if'. Zito, Haren, Blanton, Loaiza, and Saarloos are our boys for at least the next month. Root hard.

We just took 2 out of 3 from the Cleveland Indians! For the moment, that's enough.