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Harden, and Halsey, and Hits, Oh My!

Dear Baseball Santa,

Thank you for my Rich Harden pitcher. I like him a lot. He is good. Also thank you for the new Marco Scutaro doll that gets base hits and the Dan Johnson doll that hits homeruns. But could you fix my Nick Swisher doll? It's doing weird things like hitting into double plays and its homerun setting seems to be stuck on 'warning track'. Oh, and the leg of my Frank Thomas doll needs to be glued on again. And my Brad Halsey doll is stuck on the 'speedy inning' mode, but I think I like it this way.

This year, I'd like a World's Series trophy. And a pony.

Thank you!


First of all, congratulations to Blez for his column appearing on today's broadcast.

Second of all, we took 3 out of 4 from the Twins, as we should have. We also can take comfort in the fact that we very nearly had the sweep. I am still highly concerned with the offense, but there were many, many good signs today. But one game does not an offense make; see my post below for further explanation. But as long as we're talking about small sample sizes, the A's are 4-1 since The Homerun. Not that I'm counting.

And those of you who have followed my 'work' (and by 'work', I mean 'assorted ramblings about the Oakland Athletics'), you'll know that I am definitely not a Macha-supporter, but I give credit where credit is due. THANK YOU MACHA for finally grouping the hitters who can actually hit together in the lineup to give us a chance at winning this week, and THANK YOU MACHA for not being Dusty Baker and limiting the starters' pitch counts this weekend, including Harden today, even though you probably were feeling a little desperate and were tempted to leave them in longer.

Moving over to the RiverCats game today, as of right now, Milton Bradley went 0-3 as the DH, and this was Loaiza's line:

Loaiza 3.0 6 3 3 1 0 0 5.87

No es bueno. Which probably explains why Saarloos has been penciled in on this site as the A's Thursday starter.

Kudos to the team this weekend, and special props to Brad Halsey, who came up HUGE for our A's today.

Enjoy the much-needed off-day and the rest of the week!