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It's...Official Chez Nico I Sign-Up Time!

OK, if you want to sign up to attend Chez Nico I, a Sunday, June 25th pot-luck that will double as a "day after my birthday" celebration, now is the time to send your official, "Put Me On The Guest List" email; I will reply, privately, with confirmation, directions, and details. In case you missed them, the other Chez Nico-related diaries can be found here:

If you wish/plan to attend Chez Nico I on Sunday, June 25th:

  • send an email, confirming your attendance, to
  • send the email no later than Thursday, June 8th
  • please include "Chez Nico I" in the subject line
  • in the email, mention your AN user name (so I'm clear on who you are)
  • don't plan on bringing anyone else (significant other, child, etc.) unless it's specifically discussed, because I need to make sure I can accommodate all the ANers who wish to come
Hope to see you Chez Moi!