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Only a Blind Man

Yes, only a blind man couldn't see this one coming. The A's offense struggles mightily when faced with a very hot pitcher and few are hotter than Chris Young right now.

The offense was nonexistent tonight and Barry Zito was somewhat mortal for the first time in weeks. He wasn't bad at all, he just wasn't on Young's two-hit level.

Granted, baseball doesn't always go as suspected...witness Sunday's surprising Loaiza performance and the A's breaking through against Matt Cain. Almost any A's fan would've penciled in an L for that game. But tonight the script was pretty much as expected.

The good news outside of Bobby Crosby heating up, both with his eye (two walks), hit bat (one of the sole hits in the game and his feet (seven for seven on stolen bases now) is that the Angels are getting pounded by the Rockies and the Giants just finished off the Rangers in a controversial conclusion. The Mariners did win, but that's the lone negative on the night.

By the way, thanks to Eric Chavez having numerous injury issues, Bobby Crosby and Chavy are almost equal with their batting average at this point. Heck, Dan Johnson who was on the edge of a statistical abyss has caught Chavez's batting average. Granted, Chavez is still ahead by a bit on OPS, I just thought it was interesting with the start he got that those guys have caught him, and in DJ's case, he's remarkably caught him.

It could be all this:

Eric Chavez, who remained a distant fifth among American League third basemen in the most recently released fan balloting update, has been dealing with a slight tear in his left hamstring, back tightness and tendinitis in both forearms of late. Not coincidentally, he entered the opener of a three-game Interleague series against the Padres on Monday batting .143 (7-for-49) over his past 14 games and in a 23-for-111 (.203) slump over his past 32.

Maybe this is the perfect time to let Perez get a few more ABs. Isn't that part of the reason the A's dealt Ethier? I know it was mostly to get Bradley, but Perez was supposed to be able to give Chavez more rest.

At least Scutaro has been picking up the slack in Ellis's abscence. Although Mark might be returning soon.

The A's now turn to Smokin' Joe to get things right in sunny San Diego tomorrow. They're facing a pitcher in Clay Hensley who has 15 walks in June and only six strikeouts. Sounds like an ideal A's opponent. Hopefully.