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On the Mend

I had a long, elaborate post written that just got swallowed by my computer, so I'm going to condense big time.

Here are some quick facts to digest:

  • The A's have already had players on the DL 10 times this year. Last year, the A's had players on the DL a total of eight times.
  • Yes, the A's have a lot of injuries to deal with, but that doesn't forgive the offense. The A's have hit into more double plays than any other team in the majors...76. The next closest team is the Pirates with 73. Perhaps this should indicate the need to put runners in motion more often, especially because the A's don't strike out very frequently. They've also scored the fifth fewest runs in the AL.
  • News on the A's injured pitchers:
After breezing through an 11-pitch inning on Monday -- nine pitches under his limit -- Justin Duchscherer (right elbow tendinitis) is scheduled to throw another inning for Triple-A Sacramento on Wednesday. He is expected to be activated for the Giants series that begins Friday. ... Joe Kennedy (left shoulder tendinitis) has another long-toss session set for Wednesday. He exceeded expectations in Monday's long toss, reaching 90 feet.

- Chavez has been a downward slide each month, though his OBP has remained pretty consistent, his batting average has gone down every month from April, May to June. I wonder if he's ever going to be 100 percent with his variety of ailments? Even when the A's aren't hurt, they're hurt.

Hopefully the A's offense wakes up tonight and realizes it's at Coors Field.