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There's Is an A in Anemic

Yeah, yeah, pile on all you want on Loaiza, but the truth is that the A's got one-hit tonight at Coors Field. Oh yeah, you read that right, Coors Freakin' Field.

I accept one stinker, but two in a row at the National League's version of Arlington is an abomination. Someone must've convinced the A's that they were playing in San Diego at Petco before the trip. I mean, what the hell kind of humidor is it they're using to weigh down those balls any way? And why aren't the Rockies having the same trouble?

Regardless, the A's offense has looked just May 2005 bad these last two games. Granted, even the balls they're hammering, like the one Chavez pounded to right centerfield, are getting tracked down.

Jennings was good, don't get me wrong, but when you have six walks and not one of them come close to scoring, your offense is having major problems.

Thankfully, the Rangers lost tonight, the A's didn't get Cardinaled and the Angels are currently losing to the Gigantes 2-0 (who ever thought I'd be rooting for the Giants...YUCK). The other "good news" is that Zito is going tomorrow to hopefully stop this two-game slide. Then again, we all know what the light air does to curve balls.

Where have you gone, Frank Thomas?